Flexible Metal Corner Drywall Joint Tape

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Flexible metal corner tape is ideal for different corners and angles which are 90 degrees to prevent corner not damage. It has high strength and rustiness resistant.

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QUANJIANG яке аз истеҳсолкунандагони пешбари ва таъминкунандагони яке аз ҷаҳон шишанах бренди машҳури drywall навори коғазӣ муштарак дар Чин аст, истиқбол барои харидан ё яклухт drywall муштараки навори коғазӣ муштараки ки дар Чин ва ба даст намуна озод аз корхонаи мо.

Навор Drywall муштараки Њуљљати

◆ Маҳсулоти Тавсифи

Flexible metal corner tape is ideal for different corners and angles which are 90 degrees to prevent corner not damage. It has high strength and rustiness resistant.
Product Specification:

Material: Paper tape with metal strip reinforced. Paper tape is reinforced fiber paper.

Metal has aluminum strip or galvanized steel strip or zinc finished metal strip.

Dimension: 5cmx25m, 5cmx30m or as requirements.



◆Data Sheet:

Flexible Metal Corner Drywall Joint Tape

Metal strip
Metal type galvanized steel zinc finished metal aluminum
Metal width 11mm 11mm 10mm
Metal thickness 0.25mm±0.01mm 0.23mm±0.01mm 0.25mm±0.01mm
Distance between two strips 2mm±0.5mm 2mm±0.5mm 2mm±0.5mm
Paper tape
Paper unit weight 140g/m2±10g/m2 140g/m2±10g/m2 140g/m2±10g/m2
Paper thickness 0.2mm±0.01mm 0.2mm±0.01mm 0.2mm±0.01mm
Paper perforation type Pin type perforated Pin type perforated Laser perforation


Main Uses:

The flexible metal corner tape is easier to use than traditional metal corner bead.

It is a widely used tape in various applications, especially used for wall renovation, decoration and the like. It can be stuck to plaster boards, cements and other building materials completely and can prevent against the cracks of the wall and its corner.


Advantages and benefits:

* Excellent tensile strength

* Galvanized steel or Aluminum strip

* Anti-Corrosion and Rust-proof

* Easy cut and application


Instruction of Uses:

Cut flexible metal corner tape into one of the two strips with a knife to score and bend. The distance between your cuts will depend on how tight a radius you want to achieve. Apply generous coat of joint compound to a depth of 1/8”, covering both sides of the corner the same time. With the metal facing the wall, fold tape at the center margin and press firmly into the compound.

Once the corner is embedded, remove excess compound with taoing knife. After the first coat dries, sand lightly, apply finish coat and feather edges two inches beyond edges of the first coat. If needed apply a second coat 6”-10” wide on each side of corner. When dry, sand lightly is needed. The wide , galvanized steel strips act as a guide to ensure straight, reinforced angles for both “ inside” and “outside” corner needs.

◆ хусусиятҳои

Material: Reinforced fiber paper

Ранг: Сафед

Андозагирии: 2 "(5cm) x250» (76.2m), 50mmx75m, 50mmx150m ...

◆ Афзалиятҳо ва Манфиатҳо

* Навор аст, ки аз як коғаз fibered махсус бо қувваи tensile илова истеҳсол барои кӯмак ба пешгирии нахӯрӣ, wrinkling ё дароз.

* Нахи Њуљљати риояи беҳтар polished.

* Навор дорад,-дақиқ мувофиқашуда, crease Маркази барномаҳои гӯшаи осон ва дақиқ.

* Бо қувваи тар ва хушк баланд, шиддатнокии хушк ≥6.5KN / Мард, Шиддатнокии тар / Мард аст, аст, ≥2.5KN.

* Double matting, қувват муштараки баландтар аст, ки ҳадди ақал пайвастан нахи аст, на камтар аз 50%.

* Бурриш лазерӣ ё навъи PIN perforated, таходул хуб аст, самаранок дурӣ дони ва қабати.


◆ бастаи

Ҳар рол дар қуттии сафед.

Бо бастаи картонї ё паллета



◆ асосӣ истифода баред

Таҳиягар мустаҳкам ва пинҳон буғумҳо ва бурчакҳои, осон ба ҳалли мушкилоти буғумҳо



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порти ФОБ: Ningbo Порт-

Small samples: free

тарҳи муштариён: хуш омадед

Ҳадди ақал ва тартибот: 1 паллета

замони таҳвил: 15 ~ 25 рӯз

Шартҳои пардохти: 30% T / T дар пешрафта, 70% T / T пас аз нусхаи ҳуҷҷатҳо ё L / C


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