Fiberglass Marble Mesh selection and a variety of application environments

In Fiberglass Marble Mesh, before, many people have not heard of it in recent years, but there are more and more people around them. Choose Fiberglass Marble Mesh,, so what is Fiberglass Marble Mesh,? How to choose the glass fiber grid cloth has become a difficult problem that many people encounter or will encounter.
First, Fiberglass Marble Mesh is a simple alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh series products woven with alkali-resistant polymer emulsion: alkali-resistant GRC glass fiber mesh cloth, reinforced alkali wall, mosaic special mesh and stone, marble back mesh cloth, and can also be processed according to customer requirements.
Similarly, because of the many advantages of Fiberglass Marble Mesh, the application scene of Fiberglass Marble Mesh is also widely used, mainly used in wall reinforced materials, reinforced cement products, granite, mosaic special mesh, marble back mesh, waterproof roll cloth, asphalt roof waterproof, reinforced plastic, rubber products skeleton materials, fire board, sand wheel base cloth, geogrid for road pavement, seam band for construction and other aspects.
So when we decorate the decoration, how should we choose Fiberglass Marble Mesh, to distinguish its quality? That is to say, what are things to attention to when buying Fiberglass Marble Mesh?
Fiberglass Marble Mesh, with qualified quality has alkali resistance and high latitude and longitude tensile force, good feel, good construction application, and greatly reduce the amount of plastering mortar. Poor glass fiber grid cloth, the first price is very cheap, but two fold will break, and rough workmanship, often lack of length, easy to shift, and easy to stab the skin. After the use of such mesh cloth, the insulation quality is insufficient, the connection will not be firm, losing the strength of the grid cloth in the short term, and can not play the role of the grid cloth.

Post time: Jul-09-2021