How about Fiberglass Marble Mesh?

Fiberglass Marble Mesh is based on the Fiberglass machine fabric, through the polymer antiemulsion immersion coating. Therefore, it has good alkali resistance, flexibility and latitude and longitude high tensile force, which can be widely used for thermal insulation, waterproof, fire prevention, crack resistance of the walls inside and outside the building. Fiberglass Marble Mesh is mainly alkali-resistant Fiberglass Marble Mesh, it is made of alkali-free Fiberglass yarn (the main components are silicate, good chemical stability) by the special tissue structure-yarn tissue twisted, after the high temperature heat shaping treatment.

Grid cloth is a Fiberglass mesh cloth series woven with alkali or alkali-freeFiberglass yarn, alkali resistant polymer emulsion coating: alkali resistant GRC Fiberglass mesh , alkali resistance wall enhancement, mosaic special mesh and stone, marble back stick mesh cloth
Main applications are widely used in:

1) wall reinforcement materials (such as glass fiber wall mesh, GRC wall board, EPS internal and external wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.

2) enhanced cement products (such as Roman column, flue, etc.)

3) granite, mosaic special mesh, marble back stick mesh.

4) waterproof roll cloth, asphalt roof waterproof.

5) skeleton material for reinforced plastics, rubber products.

6) fire board.

7) Sandwheel base cloth.

Geogrrid for 8) road pavement.

Sints for buildings, etc.

Post time: Jun-08-2021