Types and characteristics of sandwich structure manufacturing technology in FRP production process

The healthy and sustainable development of any industry is a necessary condition for the stable development of the entire industry chain. The healthy and lasting development of the traditional composite material (glass fiber reinforced plastic) industry needs to be based on the healthy and lasting development of its upstream glass fiber and unsaturated polyester resin industries. The glass fiber industry has completed industrial integration, forming a world-class competitive Chinese landmark industry, while the unsaturated resin industry has just kicked off the industry reorganization, and the next changes will inevitably also bring benefits to the traditional composite materials industry. have a huge impact.

Sandwich structures are generally composites made of three layers of material. The upper and lower layers of the sandwich composite material are high-strength and high-modulus materials, and the middle layer is a thicker lightweight material. The FRP sandwich structure is actually a recombination of composite materials and other lightweight materials. The use of sandwich structure is to improve the effective utilization of materials and reduce the weight of the structure. Taking beam-slab components as an example, in the process of use, it is necessary to meet the requirements of strength and rigidity. The characteristics of FRP materials are high strength, Modulus is low. Therefore, when a single glass fiber reinforced plastic material is used to make beams and slabs to meet the strength requirements, the deflection is often large. If the design is based on the allowable deflection, the strength will be greatly exceeded, resulting in waste. Only by adopting the design of the sandwich structure can this contradiction be solved reasonably. This is also the main reason for the development of the sandwich structure.

Due to the high strength, light weight, high rigidity, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and microwave transmission of the FRP sandwich structure, it has been widely used in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and models, roof panels in the aviation industry and aerospace industry. Reduce the weight of the building and improve the use function. The transparent glass fiber reinforced plastic sandwich panel has been widely used in the lighting roofs of industrial plants, large public buildings and greenhouses in cold regions. In the field of shipbuilding and transportation, FRP sandwich structures are widely used in many components in FRP submarines, minesweepers, and yachts. The FRP pedestrian bridges, highway bridges, automobiles and trains, etc. designed and manufactured in my country all adopt the FRP sandwich structure, which meets the multi-performance requirements of light weight, high strength, high rigidity, heat insulation and heat preservation. In the lightning cover that requires microwave transmission, the FRP sandwich structure has become a special material that other materials cannot compare with.

Post time: Mar-28-2022