About us

HangZhou QuanJian new building materials Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer specialize in producing the fiberglass yarn, fiberglass mesh and self adhesive fiberglass mesh tape. Founded 1994, located in JianDe City which is about 1.5 hour between HangZhou airport and 3 hours between ShangHai.

Our greatest strengths are:
1.Resource of fiberglass yarn
We are one of the biggest supplier in fiberglass yarn in China, we have about 50 advanced platinum fiber
drawing crucibles, the capacity is more 12000 Ton per year.
We have 180 weaving looms, the capacity is more than 80 million square meters per year. because we control the resource of the fiberglass yarn and the capacity is quite big, so we have price advantage
In the pass 23 years, we only produce fiberglass yarn, fiberglass mesh and self adhesive fiberglass mesh tape, we are professional and we are strict in the quality, so our company is famous in China, at the same time our products are popular in more than 30 countries, Europe, North American(USA,Canada, Mexico), South American(Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile), South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Japan, Korea, UAE and so on

Our products including:
1.C-glass fiberglass yarn
2.Alkali resistant fiberglass yarn
3.Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh(without ZrO2)
4.Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh(with ZrO2)
5.Fire resistant fiberglass mesh
6.Fiberglass mesh mosaic
7.Self adhesive fiberglass mesh
8.Fiberglass drywall joint tape

We hope to establish long and friendly cooperation with all of our customers!