What is the difference between seam tape and grid cloth?

In the house decoration, if there are cracks on the wall, it is not necessary to paint all, just use joint paper tape or grid cloth to repair it, which is convenient, fast and saves money, although both of these can be used It is used for wall repairs, but many people do not know the specific difference between seam tape and grid cloth, so today we will talk about the difference between seam tape and grid cloth.

1. Introduction of seam tape

Seam tape is a kind of paper material, generally used for wall crack repair, and some cement crack repair, etc. The color is mostly white. When using it, use white latex to brush a layer on the seam, and then stick it. Just put on the paper tape, and when it’s all dry, put a layer of putty on it or make a wall sculpt. Seam tape is mainly used in wall cracks, lime products, and some cement floors, walls and so on. The scope of use is relatively narrow.

2. Introduction to Grid Belt

The material of the mesh cloth is mainly alkaline or non-alkaline glass fiber, which is covered by alkali-resistant polymer emulsion. Generally speaking, the series of mesh cloth products probably have alkali-resistant GRC glass fiber mesh cloth. Or it is a special stone grid cloth for alkali-resistant walls, and some marble grid cloth. Uses are (1). Wall reinforcement materials, such as fiberglass mesh, GRC wallboard, gypsum board and other materials. (2). Cement products, such as Roman columns, marble and other stone products, granite backing nets, etc. (3) .Waterproof cloth, asphalt products, such as reinforced plastics, rubber framework materials, etc.

The difference between the two is that the quality of the grid cloth is much better than the seam tape, and the plasterboard or the paper surface plus the plaster outer layer is often used as a partition wall in the architectural decoration. Generally speaking, if it is a high-end product In this case, grid cloth is used, but paper tape is much cheaper than cloth tape and is more economical.

Post time: Oct-08-2021